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India’s Transportation Sector: Needs Technology Adoption

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As we know that Transport sector in India is completely unorganized. It is expected that India’s transportation sector will be fastest-expanding sector through 2021, on accounts of latest initiatives by the Indian Government, including the increased spending on Road infrastructure, introduction of GST (Goods and Service Tax) and implementation of electronic way bill in GST. Latest is Eastern Peripheral Expressway, a world class access controlled expressway inaugurated by Indian govt. on 27 May, 2018 at Bhagpat.

On accounts of government’s recent initiatives and the introduction of Information Technology in transportation and logistics sector, we are expecting some organized road ahead in the upcoming years. E-way bill in GST is another good move towards formalization of transport and logistics sector as it documents that who is sending and who is receiving the goods or cargo as part of the integrated supply chain.

Technology plays a vital role in organizing a sector and with the latest developments in transportation and logistics sector; technology adoption is a must for each transporter. There is a sudden rise in the demand of a software among small and medium transporter, a software which can be able to do transporter’s general work and accounting work and that must have GST integration and e-way bill integration. Moreover, a software which can automate the working of a transporter’s work, from Billy generation to Bill/ Invoice generation; from ledger maintenance to trial balance maintenance; from fleet inventory management to trip sheet management. In addition to this, a specialized software is required for each of Full Truckload work or Part-load or Parcel Load or fleet management or for part load work. Such as software in transport and the logistics sector is commonly known as Transport Management Software (TMS) or simply a transport software.