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Manage Your Goods Movement

Manage Your Goods Carrier
Manage your Goods Carrier via Freight Forwarding Software

Transport software should be efficient enough to manage your goods carrier seamlessly and without any fuss. Each and every point pertaining to your goods and logistics have to be managed well and in a scientific manner.

Easily Document Access

State of art transport software effectively manages important reports and other related documents for easy retrieval. Vehicle closing report is vial document for any transport business. It showcases journey of goods carrier from the starting point to destination and back. In other words when the carrier is returned at source is counted as one trip.

Track Goods Carrier

This report enables the user to track the journey of the carrier and fix any issues with ease from remote place. Fuel report is another aspect that out of the box transport software takes care of. It helps to keep the check on fuel consumption per trip so that they can make plans on fuel supply accordingly.

All Reports in Single Click

Other aspects like showcasing crystal clear picture of vehicle service status via vehicle service report, sales purchase of spare parts via spare parts report, settlement details of drivers via drivers settlement report, hiring charges, due date etc. with the help of vehicle hiring and providing report, thus enabling the user to retrieve any and all information to the fullest so that flawless decision are executed.

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Grow Your Business
Best Solutions For Fleet Management

In today’s hectic and competitive scenario, fleet managers are under more pressure to deliver goods and services to end users in an efficient and cost effective manner. In order to adhere with the growing expectations of the customers, fleet management technology has grown and adapted to times.

Minimize Fule Cost

With state of art fleet management technology, you provide to your drivers fastest, most favorable route, thereby enabling them to understand directions easily. In case any particular route is averted, the software will automatically recalculate the course which in turn minimizes overall mileage and fuel costs for your company.

Also you can minimize the amount of fuel burned with idling alarms and tracking the aggressive driving patterns of drivers. This results in reducing the consumption of fuel to great extent.

Scientific Financial Decisions

Comprehensive fleet management software helps to maximize returns as it provides insights on trends of fleet, fuel costs etc. thus giving your business the information and tools it needs to make scientific financial decisions.

One can track issues like engine idling, speeding and other driving trends that raises the costs, wear and tear of your vehicles and chip away your profits from the core. Tracking also enables to eliminate overlapping of routes, change scheduling and minimize unwanted driving to and fro thus increasing capacity for more service calls and billing hours thus elevating your earning figures.

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