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Easily Manage Huge No of The Fleet

Are you worried about the huge management job of the fleets? Manual maintenance is impossible and not satisfied with the ordinary or regular software then the easy way to continue with the process if you use fleet management software. Completely easy to operate or to track the track the vehicles.

The fleet management system, that can be track and give the accurate information, an accuracy is highly required in commercial vehicles, related to costs, places or stoppages till the last destination. Licensed transport software to manage the entire process through the software that is licensed. At the same time reduce the involvement of manual errors.

Fleet Management ERP Software

Manage your fleet for the finance, reservations, above all a better service that can be provided to the customers for building a long-term relationship. Grow a better business with the fleet management ERP software with fewer expenses, software which can store information above all it has the property of automated scheduling in commercial cars.

Fleet Management Software | Lubricant Transport Bussiness

Better Management Stay Organized

Now, maintaining and organizing fleet of vehicles, field personnel or other assets is a cake walk activity with state of art fleet management software formulated by TMS Solutions. The software includes number of functions like vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking, diagnostics, fuel management and driver management.

Fleet management software is synchronization of robust technology like two way wireless communications; on boarding processing communications unit and a hosted web application that demonstrates mapping and vehicle data to the final user with which customers can easily locate vehicles and monitor speed and direction of vehicles.

Lubricant Truck Dispatch System

One aspect of fleet management system is state of art truck dispatch software, which saves time as well as important hours of investment in meeting the dispatch process. It is compatible and involves minimum formalities involved in dispatching practices. With this software, the client can keep track of all the details like inventory of your truck, spare parts replacement, information related to fuel etc and all these can be tracked in flash of seconds.

Innovative and updated truck management software provides real time updates of driver’s physical location to the back office. It in fact offers technology solutions for A–Z operations related to trucks and thus enhances your performance, reduces costs and improves visibility, command and financial margin of your business.

Fleet management system helps in overcoming your fleet management challenges. With real time route mapping, remote engine diagnostics, driver activity monitoring and vehicle tracking system, you get robust tool to drive down costs and take control of your mobile resources.

Best Fleet Management System


Now manage the vehicle fleet of your company easily with out of the box fleet management software by TMS Solutions. It includes umpteen numbers of functions like 360 degree vehicle data, vehicle maintenance, driver management, fuel management, safety management and vehicle tracking. All these aspects make fleet management system as the most vital and core aspect of the organization.

Software Management Benefits:

  1.  It reduces operational costs and enhances efficiency
  2. Improves fleet safety
  3. Improves customer service and satisfaction
  4.  Automated fleet reports of hourly basis, weekly and monthly basis can be retrieved in flash of seconds.
  5. Lorry transport software, an updated aspect of fleet management system helps manage logistics arrangement of lorry, aids in scheduling pick up service, auto notifying driver while new pick up job is assigned and enable effective lorry transport management allowing multiple users to work on same database.



Quick and Flexible Online Solution

Fleet management software offers quick and flexible online solution and a real time vehicle managing system thus delivering solution that tables unified fleet management no matter how large or small your fleet is.

Work Virtually Anywhere

Fleet management system is web based and also has mobile app for both iOS and Android so that fleet can be managed anytime, anywhere and on any platform. With the help of this software users can manage the fleet in a phenomenal way and manage your logistics business in a successful way.

Attractive Dashboards

All the vital information is presented on an attractive and organized dash boards. Visual, simple and beautiful dash boards will help to keep updated on fleet in just flash of seconds.

Time and Task Management

Fleet management software automates most of the task streamlining them to associated process and providing real time insights thus helping organization to manage; organize and synchronize their time and work vehicles from one central platform.

Reports and Alerts

Fleet management software has dash boards that indicates the maintenance status of your fleet vehicles and highlights any alerts affecting the driver’s performance. With 24 x 7 tracking of vehicles with real time alerts and reports action can be taken at right instance.

Enterprise Mobility

Software provides all round extensively managed mobility service available for fleets. Anything and everything – from devices, applications, security, to rate plans/networks and support can be managed in just a single click thus giving your drivers a freedom to install and access the approved applications for both personal and business use.

Accountability in the Workplace

Software provides you with tools you need to hold your work force accountable throughout the day of work. Real time information places you “in the vehicle” with your driver and allows you to effectively manage your fleet from any corner of the globe. Automated alerts settings will keep you in communication all the times.

Real-time Information

Fleet management systems collect a full range of data and provide real time information to the users on an immediate basis. Such real time information provides visibility into all areas of the business.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence dashboard provides 360 degree control over your fleet and provides access to essential data in real time so that correct and appropriate decisions are taken instantly.