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Inventory Management Software Provides Extra Hands

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Inventory is anoverall list of products or stock available. Inventory is very important and has to be appropriately counted to decides an organization’s profit or loss at the end of the year. There are three components classified under the inventory: raw materials, work in progress and finished goods.

Raw materials represent goods that are used in the production as a source material. For example,metal bought by manufacturers, food ingredients by food preparation companies, etc.

Work in progress represent goods that are about to be converted into finished goods. For example, a half-assembled airliner or a ship that is being built would be work in process.

Finished goods represent goods that are ready for sale for example, completed airliners, ready-to-ship cars, and electronics, etc.

Inventory Management Software


Inventory management software is used to reveal inventory levels in addition to orders and deliveries. The software program tells you when you run out of stock so you can order objects in advance. This reduces the probabilities of stock outages and ensures you constantly have sufficient goods handy to serve the desires and demands of customers.

Inventory management software includes several key components which are working together for an organizations’ systems. Companies often use stock management software program to lessen their wearing costs. The software is used to track merchandise and components as they are transported from a dealer to a warehouse, among warehouses, and subsequently to a retail area or at once to a client. These features include

  • Reorder Point : when an inventory reaches a specific threshold than an organization’s stock management automatically tells managers to reorder that product. This facilitates agencies keep away from walking out of merchandise or tying up an excessive amount of capital in stock.
  • Asset tracking : while a product is in a warehouse or store, it is able to be tracked thru its barcode and/or other tracking standards, along with serial quantity, lot number or revision quantity. in recent times, inventory control software regularly utilizes barcode, radio-frequency identification (RFID), and/or wi-fi tracking era.
  • Service management : Companies which are in most cases service-orientated rather than product-orientated can use the stock control software program to tune the value of the materials they use to offer services, which includes cleansing resources. This way, they can attach expenses to their offerings that reflect the entire value of acting them.

Stock management software program is used for a ramification of functions, such as:

  • » Maintain a balance between an excessiveand too little stock.
  • » Monitoring inventory as it is transported among locations.
  • » Receiving objects right into a warehouse or different region.
  • » Choosing, packing, and delivery gadgets from a warehouse.
  • » Retaining track of product sales and inventory ranges.

How Our Software Helpful For Your Business

In retail, an accurate expertise of your inventory could make or break your business. So, learning how to control that stock is crucial. when will an item will sell out? When is the best time to restock your best products? You probably can’t answer these questions off the pinnacle of your head – however, this statistic is essential to the achievement of your enterprise. That’s why you need inventory management software.

Our Inventory Management Software can help you by:

  • → Reduce prices and improve cash flow
  • → Track your stock in actual time
  • → Assist you forecast call for
  • → Prevent product and production shortages
  • → Prevent excess stock and too many raw substances
  • → Permit for smooth stock analysis on any device
  • → Be available proper from your retail factor-of-sale (POS) device
  • → Optimize warehouse enterprise and treasured employee time
  • → Provide short and painless bar code scanning to speed up intake


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