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Advantage of Freight Broker Software

Freight broker software is helpful for making your business more relevant, more profitable, and more organized. Thus, it offers great benefits to your customers. This software is the most efficient and easiest way to manage your carriers without any hassles. Freight broker software is capable to manage both full truck load(FTL) and part truck load management. You can also avoid multiple data entry points and piles of paperwork if you use this software. You can control your shipments, carriers, and clients effectively if you use best management systems program.

Freight Broker Dispatch Software

Associating closely with carriers, Freight Broker Dispatch Software helps to find the best rates. Usually, they are used with load boards or freight brokers to find freight. The objective of the dispatcher is to negotiate the highest paying freight. The software helps to manage carriers, allows an easy monitor and synchronization, and thus gives a leading edge over the competitors.


Better Management Stay Organized

A freight broker is a mediator between a shipper who transports the goods and a carrier who moves that freight. In other words freight broker is the person who helps out the shippers with freight and other documentation work and is responsible for arranging the transportation and tracking of load hauled by a freight carrier.

They can be an individual or a company who match authorized and reliable transportation carriers to shippers and synchronize A to Z of the shipping needs for many companies. In short freight broker is a liaison between shippers and asset carriers. They fall into the category of transportation intermediary.

Freight Broker System

Managing Your Business And Making it Easy



Truck Broker Management Software helps in managing your business and making it easy for operating and administrating it. TMS Solutions has formulated fully features, flexible and user friendly freight broker management software that is scalable to the needs and requirements of your organization. It comes with army of support and is ready to use anywhere and anytime.

Our Transport Management Software can be adapted to fit the needs thus helping the individual brokers to enterprise level organizations thus making the organization and management of the business easy and quick.


We have installed freight broker software programs in such a manner that our software goes beyond freight management and administration as it has comprehensive systems that control your assets and costs with help of multiple tracking and communication systems and interfaces, thus helping in managing your inventory easily and from one place.

You can effectively plan service and fleet management needs so that dispatch is well informed in advance when services are required. Also you can handle regular full and part loads safely and take appropriate decisions by synchronizing our Part Load and Full Load Management Software.

System Management Benifites

1. Manage carriers: Freight broker management software helps manage carriers, monitor spot markets and cover more loads with greater profitability.

2. Easy synchronization: It integrates operations with multiple load boards for higher productivity

3. Easy monitor: Truck broker management software easily monitors all loads in process and helps in making better decisions with state of art reporting. It also monitors carrier status and eligibility.

4. Mobile applications: Software is robust and feature rich and offers mobile applications so freight can be managed from anywhere.

5. Leading edge over competitors: Freight broker management software is jam packed with robust and out of the box tools like sophisticated report generation, robust search engine and retrieval capabilities and on the spot executive briefing systems, helps you stay on the top of your business.

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Quick and Flexible Online Solution

Software offers customized web based solutions viz. quick and easy and online access to freight rates, tracking and load board posting etc. in one click.

Work Virtually Anywhere

Software is robust tool which enables you to work from anywhere in the world. It is complete integrated freight brokerage operations management system offering mobile applications that enables to manage freight from any point of the world.

Attractive Dashboards

You get access to attractive dashboards with high graphical designs that give you information on shipments made, shipment tracking, messages and search options all at one glance.

Time and Task Management

You can effectively manage your operations, customers, dispatch, admin and accounting in just single click easily thus, managing your time and costs effectively and easily.

Reports and Alerts

Quick and easy centralized tracking and alerts provides the user the real time data pertaining to insurance alerts, fuel tax reporting, fleet maintenance alerts, broker settlements etc at quick instance.

Enterprise Mobility

This state of art software digitalizes logistics by integrating and optimizing business processes and making it easy for management of work. It provides complete managed mobility service for fleets. All right from devices, applications, security, to rate plans/networks and support can be managed in single click.

Accountability in the Workplace

Software features order management, freight audit and payments, information about various reports and allowing more crystal clear view into delivery, driver behavior and enhanced accountability at work place.

Real-time Information

Modern technology of software allows for real time tracking information which includes supply and demand trends, benchmarking, forecasting, capacity planning relating to operational efficiency, information relating to load etc. that helps in catapulting of your business to great heights.

Business Intelligence

Full fledged information of your fleet with complete real time information about every minute aspect is provided in no time. This will help in taking correct decisions and efficient planning appropriately.