Make Your Employees Performance More Effective

6 Ways to Make Your Transport Employees Performance More Effective

Training and development are the keys to help your employees enhance their performance and grow in life. Here are 6 ways to ensure that the company is meeting the training needs well.

1. Assign responsibility to the right candidate

Assign responsibility to the right candidate is the beginning of a relationship and it should be done well. The responsibility of choosing the right candidate for a job lies with the Human Resources Department(HRD). Recruitment is probably one of the most crucial tasks that an HR Manager does because it entails matching the skills and talents of the new recruit or the candidate with that of the requirements of the job. What is of the essence here is that the key responsibility areas need to pre-determined and defined by the HR and the team leader. Knowing what is exactly expected out of the new employee makes the job easier of looking out for the right candidate.

However, if clarity on the responsibilities of the job role is not fixed and pre-defined it can lead to lots of chaos within the team and the organization. It will also eventually lead to a dissatisfied and discouraged employee because he is handed a task or job that he is not the best at. During the interview and other rounds that finally lead to the recruitment of a candidate for the job role, it is pertinent that the interviewer, team manager, and the HR assess the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate well before offering the final job letter.

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2. Conduct proper induction so that the candidate is fully aware of the VISION, AIM and business services

After recruitment, the next big task on hand of the HR and the Training department revolves around induction. Induction is the process of introducing the new recruit to the company, its mission, and vision, objectives and aims at one hand and on the other, a chance for the new employee to meet other members of the team. It also provides an opportunity for other employees of the organization to get acquainted with the new member. Hence, this functionality occupies an important position in the overall performance of the new employee.

A professionally done induction can streamline lots of things for the recruit. He gets acquainted with what the transport company stands for – what it believes in, what is expected of the employee in terms of conduct and on-the-job performance. It is also the time when he is informed about what the aim, mission, and vision of the company is. This is important as organizations that do not have a well-structured vision and mission can confuse their employees to a great extent leading to unrest and dissatisfaction. This directly impacts employee performance. Once the induction is inducted thoroughly, the new member is all set to join work and give his best from day one.

3. Support Them When they are stuck

Members can get stuck on-the-job in many ways. It could be linked to specific tasks assigned to them or can be in the generic form. Task-related issues need to be handled and dealt with by his immediate seniors. The objective should be to provide positive and optimistic solutions so that the employee is able to not only resolve the current issue but also learn crucial skills like critical thinking and problem solving, A lot here depends on the attitude and approach of the employee’s senior or the leader. Having a helpful, compassionate and understanding senior will only act as an encouragement to the employee.

Dogmatic and overly-authoritative attitude will only lead to discontent. The other aspect of getting stuck is when an employee faces issues pertaining to other members of his team, his superiors, management policies, HR conditions, work environment, etc. Here again, the HR and training need to play an active role in helping resolve the issue amicably. HR managers have to be futuristic and forward-thinking when they sit down to find solutions to employee grievances and issues. There also needs to be enough compassion and enthusiasm about finding the right answers so that the employee is satisfied and continues with his work.

4. Conduct Regular Performance Appraisal

How does one get to know if a recruit is performing as per desired outcomes or not? If performances are not being measured, it means that the transport company is not too bothered about meeting its objectives and goals. Having the right candidate at work is not an assurance that he or she will be doing the best that they can. There need to check in place. This is for the betterment of the organization as well as the individual employees. Hence, the HR and training department of a transport company needs to have a powerful and realistic performance appraisal system in place.

An appraisal is not about finding who is the best and the worst employee. IT is about gauging if a recruit has been able to meet the expectation of the organization in the deliverance of his KRAs. If yes, he is rewarded and applauded and if no, further assessment is done to see what is lacking and how it can be filled up. Performance appraisal is a positive activity and should be initiated with enthusiasm and vigor by the HR department. A positive approach should be generated amongst employees about the entire process so that everyone participates with honesty, ethics and of course with interest.

5. Organize motivation seminars, outings, tours and parties

When organizational objectives are held in higher regard than individual aims and ambitions, employee performances should not only be carefully monitored but also given the opportunity to improvise and enhance. Employees are after all human beings and the HR department needs to understand well the value of this asset. Unlike machines, human resources need to be pampered and indulged in.

They cannot simply work without any meaningful engagement taking place. Most transporters – the bigger ones, at least – hence, conduct from time to time sessions where individual employees are able to transcend the departmental borders and bond with their colleagues. Friday lunches, weekend informal dinners, occasional parties that coincide with a festival or a celebration, offsite and on sites are but all ways and means to improve employee engagement with one another and of course the organization.

These are events that break the monotony of work. Man is a social being. While some people perform exceedingly well as solitary units, most human beings look for escapes from their daily routine life once-in-a-while that can provide them the necessary break from their job. The essence of organizing such trips and tours is to enable employees to break the barriers and prejudices and go beyond to gel with their co-workers.

6. Provide employee with free training for updating skill

Transport companies that are ready to invest their money and time into strengthening the skills and talents of their employees are definitely futuristic. By doing this, organizations gain in many ways. First, they gain the confidence of the employees that the company is interested in their personal growth. Second, this renewed confidence in employees pushes them to give their hundred percent to their work because they know that the transport company wants them to move up the ladders. Third, by providing free training and upscaling the skills of the employees, organizations create a healthy environment where with proper training the employee is able to do a better job than previously. All this leads to enhancing the performance of not only the employees but also of the organization. Fourth, transport companies that provide free training to their employees gain a good and sound name for themselves in the job market. Newer candidates are excited to join them because they know that this company will take care of their training needs. And fifth, trained personnel are able to offer better services and care to customers. This, in turn, creates a positive brand identity for the company fueling and encouraging more sales and revenues.

Apart from that there you can select your smart employee for your management team. And trained them with the latest process technology, like transport management system, consignment tracking system, online branch management, etc.