How to Manage Driver Settlement and Trucks

Are you an independent owner/operator or fleet manager?

If so you have plenty of responsibilities to perform! Fortunately enough, the interactive, easy-to-use truck management software has made all the duties easier to carry out. The software is an indispensable tool to handle commercial vehicle fleet efficiently.

It always supports the contributors to identify where their vehicles are positioned. It also helps fleet managers sustain their vehicles with more competence.

Truck owners or managers, at times complaint against International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) rules and guidelines.

But Truck Management Software adds IFTA functionality applications to make fuel tax records management quick and easy. It also possesses a stress-free design where miles are considered and documented correctly for interstate drivers.

Following are the advantages
  • Single IFTA-member state can be selected as base jurisdiction
  • Single fuel tax license works for all vehicle in the fleet, help to function in all IFTA jurisdictions
  • Single tax report filed every quarter with base jurisdiction, helps cover fuel use and mileage for all IFTA member states
  • Fuel tax records are audited by base jurisdiction, better than dealing trip permits from multiple states
  • Like fuel taxes, dispatching is also made easier.
  • To sort out dispatches by driver, state, customer, or truck with one simple click of the mouse
  • To track all miles, including deadheads, spontaneously
  • To use a variety of options for driver pay, counting by the mile and by percentage
  • To set up upcoming loads with the feature for accurate, on-time dispatching
  • To produce accurate revenue accounts, to assure the financial position
Other Features
  • Invoice feature stays on top with company name for a professional appearance
  • Driver tracking feature removes disputes over the load who drove
  • Expense tracking feature tracks business costs
  • Maintenance feature gives details on every repair, oil change, or other work
  • Truck tracking feature traces taxes or arranged upkeep jobs schedule for every vehicle
Drivers can easily –
  • Practice load assignments
  • apture signatures and photograph documents for load backup whenever needed
  • Conduct load inspections
  • Keep precise records related to vehicle use
  • Keep track on trip expense information
Drivers use Truck Management System on a tablet

Furnished with GPS satellite technology and trucks supporting Bluetooth technology, Truck Management Software is an app for tablets. Additionally, it identifies the driver’s location and GPS systems to inform dispatchers, help improve driver performance, assign to route and reroute more efficiently if needed.

Upkeep Assistances

Regarding maintenance, truck management software delivers fleet service employees with actual evidence. Fleet managers can precisely monitor fuel productivity.

Other Truck Management Software can also be an extremely appreciated tool for a diversity of financial and accounting functions.

It is widely used in the driver settlement process to pay drivers and cover their on-road expenses, like fuel and tolls, to track the number of hours worked and update settlement data to various financial reports. Drivers can use the software to report accidents, damage or detailed and timely maintenance issues.

Truck Services

Most important it is to maintain the vehicles perfectly well to retain the company’s image and quality of services. Hence a whole range of solutions was created to put an end to the endless disadvantages of manual washing for trucks.

The main advantage is Time and cost-saving. No-wash system, manual or automatic can match the speed of roll-overs. But to achieve maximum efficiency in the wash, a perfect finish is to be offered, hence comes in experience, technology, and know-how

Perfect solutions are created for washing vehicles of different heights, special roll-overs for small fleets of trucks. All come with state-of-art technology to assure the best results while leaving the vehicle paintwork and accessories in perfect condition.

The automobile Insurance industry faces an increasing number of challenges due to demanding OEMs, Insurers, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Corporate Agents, approving to Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority statutory guidelines, and Intermediaries, Channel Partners and Customers along with ever-changing user necessities and an extremely reasonable market.

Merging the best practices with supremacy and suppleness of technology platform, the Vehicle Insurance Management System allows maximum configuration and customization. It leads to a flexible and long lasting solution.

Solution framework as summarised –
  • Web based Automobile Insurance Management system is formed and organized with the help of a technology platform
  • The all-inclusive feature set to maintain and designed all business needs
  • Significantly tailor-made and organized
  • Fabricated to fulfil the requirements of all main Stake-holders (OEMs, Brokers, Insurers, Distributors and other Intermediaries).
Complete Structure:-

Vehicle Insurance Management Solution Framework supports comprehensive features that pay attention to all primary business necessities.

Features enclosed are:
  • Organized Business Instructions and Pricelist as per Regulatory Requirements (maintains 4 Wheelers, 2 Wheelers Passenger and Commercial Vehicles)
  • Policy Management (Fresh Issuance, Renewals, Remittances, 64 VB, etc.)Actual time authentication of vehicle details (VIN number or Engine/ Chassis no.)
  • Endorsements (Financial and Non-Financial)
  • Vehicle Insurance Claims Management System
  • Accounting (Pay-in-slips, Payout computation)
  • Extensive Reporting and MIS
  • Value Added Services (using SMS and Emails etc.)
Spare Parts Management

Spare parts management is a vital function for any service workshop. As it’s comparatively smaller in size and there are operating cost restraints, managing spares is a bit difficult process. Various risks are involved in it like running out of stock and issuing faulty parts if a workshop declines spare parts management, eventually, it affects the outcome.

How to Manage Spare Parts

To support infrastructure and creation, an operating strategy helps an organization with the distribution of possessions. The workshop can confirm better allocation and use of spare parts at minimum time and cost with an operating policy in place. The sound operating strategy ensures safety against any unforeseen circumstance.

If optimal management of spare parts isn’t taking place, the data collected can be utilized to identify the reasons and quickly set counter-measures in place.

Dealership management software can be used which comes with a dedicated spare parts management module. It allows to generate and store purchase orders of spare parts, preserve warranty information, scan and store parts information using barcode and keep a complete track of their movement from storing to customer.

Manage Inventory

Inventory management is very significant for any automobile-related function. It ensures sufficient stock and allows to examine and classify the waste. Maximum space intake at minimum effort and stress is the ultimate purpose of inventory management.

If inventories are managed properly, importance of different products are differentiated and categorised accordingly.

Understanding Prevailing and Predictable Intake

Without a clear picture of sale numbers and demand quotient, there will be difficulties in successful spare parts management. A habit of analysing sale numbers will develop to understand and predict future consumption. This will promote support in managing spare parts inventory, giving the ability to order as necessary and prevent deficiency of spare parts stock.

Shelf-life management

There is a limited shelf life for every spare parts. If a spare part is used with exceeded shelf life, reliability of that is questioned. If spare parts without maintenance is installed, the vehicle would be defected and lead to untimely failure. The best way to ensure that spares are preserved in the best possible way is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To Identify Reliable Suppliers

Using poor-feature parts can result in failure, vehicle damage and more maintenance work. With a combination of maintenance records, sale records and consumer feedback, quality-assured suppliers are identified. Proper statistics and reports on vendor quality and reliability are always to be taken care of.

Being a part of the Truck Management Solution, Truck Maintenance Software saves from expensive fines, crippling lawsuits, and loss of clients. It offers significant features like:

  • Automatic updates of mandatory maintenance for a particular vehicle.  Fortunately, Truck Maintenance Software never fails and never forgets. It acts as electronic business partner, who works 24/7.
  • Across the business application.Truck Maintenance Software isn’t just for the maintenance crew or for the accounting staff or for the drivers.  It covers complete trucking management solution that trucking business needs.

The safety and comfort both arises while using cloud-based software. Truck Maintenance Software protects vital information with the same safety protocols that protect billion-dollar businesses all over the globe.