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payroll management software for transporter

TMS Solutions payroll solution is a single application solution of all the payroll matters which has been exclusively created for the transport industry. Gone are the days, when a team of accountants would start payroll processing in the middle of the month and carry on for a fortnight using manual processes and a large number of resources.


This would lead to delay and sometimes errors, which would make things complex for the organization and unpleasant for employees. The state-of-the-art payroll solution Bilty eliminates the tedious, error-prone and time-consuming manual processes related to payroll processing, maintaining the authenticity of employee data and timely processing of reimbursements. It also takes care of various tax compliance issues like the filing of appropriate GST, deduction, and filing of TDS and provident fund.


Cloud Based Payroll Software

It is one solution that caters to essentials of payroll, reimbursements, taxation, and compliance specific to the transportation industry. It is extremely easy to use and requires minimum training for one to start. The user-friendly screens and terminology so specific to the transportation industry make it a favorite among the leaders in the transportation business.


Enjoy the benefits of a fully compliant, secure and reliable payroll software service, without the costs of an on-premise system. By choosing a cloud-based payroll software solution, one can save a lot on IT support costs, on-site server fees, and upgrades to software and upgrades when compliance changes occur. All support and upgrades are included in the subscription, and updates are automatically made to the software as soon as changes to the law are announced.


Bilty provides fully integrated workflows to effortlessly handle leave, attendance, revisions, bonuses, and reimbursements. It gives both employers as well as employee-centric experience which helps is reducing dependency and queries for Accounts and HR departments, thus keeping both the employer as well as employee satisfied and happy. This satisfaction keeps everybody and increases productivity for one’s organization.


Bilty is pain-free and saves a lot of time. It can be integrated with other systems with some customization so to take data from other existing systems running in an organization. It is an all in one system for payroll for employers with 10 to 10000 employees.


Bilty has a robust design and interface which lets one configure one’s payroll system with great detail making payroll management easy. It allows one to create many earnings and deduction components specific to the transportation industry and tag them to a customized group of employees. This customization can be based on designation, roles, responsibilities, and practically any possible grouping. The unique formulae builder tool can generate complex logic and gives one complete control while designing the employees’ benefits.


The GST and income tax rules in India are complex and are being constantly revised with changing economic conditions. Moreover, there are numerous clauses and sub-clauses that need to be considered for an accurate tax deduction. Bilty has the provision of automatically deducting taxes during payroll processing and generating all the necessary reports like TDS returns, Form 24Q and Form 16 (Part A and Part B) and 12BA. It automatically generates all the necessary statutory reports while one processes the payroll. One can also add multiple statutory groups and modify contribution details based on one’s requirement. Some of the reports generated are Provident Fund (PF) Reports, Labor Welfare Fund (LWF) Reports, Professional Tax (PT) Reports, Employee State Insurance (ESI) Reports.


One can streamline the HR processes by automating your reimbursement claims process. One can get entire visibility over employees’ expenses from requests to approval in just a few clicks. Any reimbursement claims made would be updated in the existing HR information system and adjusted on the payroll. The employees can apply for various claims like fuel reimbursements, logistic reimbursements, medical reimbursements, LTA claims are per the block of the year. The system can be integrated with the Employee Self Service portal which is a norm in big companies.


Bilty gives the flexibility to configure a variety of loan and repayment options and automatically schedule deductions based on various preferences. One can manage loans and advances for all employees in an effective and simple way.


One can generate a wide range of standard and custom reports based on daily needs through this award-winning payroll software. One can generate many standard reports, apart from the customized. Some of the standard reports one can generate includes –

  1. Payslip and tax slip
  2. Salary Register
  3. Bank statement
  4. statutory reports including PF, ESI, PT, and LWF
  5. tax filing report including Form 12A, 12B, 24Q, e-TDS returns
  6. Employee Reconciliation reports
  7. GST Related reports

Most of the payroll software in the market does not cater to the full and final settlement details for an employee. The inbuilt design in this payroll software handles full and final settlements in a very easy and streamlined manner. This state-of-the-art award-winning payroll software maintains and manages the information like a yearly bonus, reimbursement balance, unpaid salary, leave encashment, gratuity, etc. in collaboration with the HR Information system it enables one to accurately calculate concluding payables for every employee going through exit formalities.


In the transportation industry, Payroll is an essential part of any organization. A good and customized payroll software for an organization increases the efficiency and reduces the manpower of the accounting team in an organization. Every employee’s salary is based on the payroll system and its features are used to streamline and handle the payments of the employees. This includes record-keeping, payroll data management and automation of several tasks such as depositing the salaries, taking care of taxes. There is a plethora of Payroll software in the market, but no single solution caters to all. 


In the transport industry, the constantly escalating shipping costs can exceed the costs like direct and indirect payroll or utilities. Thus, the payroll management in the transport industry is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks. In this scenario, Bilty is an essential software solution to keep ahead in the business.


Accurate processing and filings of quarterly returns are vital to the integrity of every organization. The internal reconciliation process in this state-of-the-art software is comprehensive and ensures maximum accuracy with regards to the deduction of taxes. All the variances are duly reconciled and then only the uploading of the base file into the TDS system and subsequently generate the Form 27A to share with clients.


One can give employees complete freedom to choose their own benefits package. Bilty allows one to create their own unique Flexi-benefits packages aligned with innovative HR policies and encourage a positive employee experience, thus increasing employee satisfaction at a higher level. One of the best payroll software for the transportation industry ensures a smooth year-end process for the employees for the generation of Form 16, as it is crucial and can be a complex process. 


In today’s business scenario, compliance is a major component of the business. Making things more complex, the area of compliance an ever-changing landscape that can be maneuver with expert agility. The support team provides regional and local expertise by practicing ethical practices with strict timeline adherence. One gets access to the centralized error-free data which is readily available. The support team provides professional support during inspections and audits. The bottom line is that this award-winning software helps a business save time so that they can concentrate and focus on their core competency of the transport business.


One can grow their transport business without worrying about payroll processing costs. Using a cloud-based payroll system means one does not have to pay for on-site server upgrades or additional licenses when the business grows. The platform has been designed with scalability in mind with a pay-per-employee subscription model based on the number of employees on the payroll, and the capacity to pay 100s of thousands of employees.


This award-winning payroll software for the transportation streamlines and automates the calculation and processing of timesheets, allowances, entitlements, deductions, and payments.


Payroll management in the Indian road freight transport industry can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming administrative tasks – significantly more complex than in almost every other industry. The accurate calculation of remuneration for employed drivers can be subject to a bewildering number of factors and variables. It brings all of these considerations together with astonishing efficiency as the payroll software developed specifically for the Indian road freight transport industry. From the straightforward full-time employment of drivers on salary for regular duties and hours to variable overtime rates, trip-based or kilometer-based remuneration, awards/bonus or company-defined allowances and deductions, casual or permanent part-time employment. manages all of the necessary rates, allowances, and deductions. Tricky calculations such as superannuation contributions for long-haul drivers, and taxation with its individualized levies and rebates, are handled immediately. Employee leave and flexi-time entitlements are reliably tracked. Within Bilty, timesheets can be entered in bulk, from remote locations such as depots, or via real-time capturing – saving time and eliminating data-entry errors. Timesheets can also auto-generate from jobs-related data with the Operations Management. For every Indian road freight transport business, the payroll software solution streamlines calculations and processes via real-time automation right through to the pay run with payments and payslips distribution.


With 20 years of experience, we offer unparalleled subject-matter expertise in payroll for the transportation industry. This unique payroll software for the transportation industry is a flexible solution, which can be scaled up or down based on changing business needs, allowing one to concentrate on the core competency of growing your business. Customer satisfaction is the top priority and our experts comply with global service-delivery standards.

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